Lothringer Straße 11/13 | Hamburg


This typical red brick property is situated on a ca. 1.101m² plot of land in a district with appreciation potential. It consists of two four-storey buildings with an additional flat on each top floor. The buildings were originally built in 1938 and reconstructed in 1954 after being destroyed in the war. They are in solid and well-kept condition. The multi-storey-dwellings consist of 18 flats on 851m² building area with two separate entrances.

The flats are let out and consist of two rooms, kitchen and a full-bath with natural light which has proven to be very good layouts and sizes for renting. The flats in house number 13 also have balconies. The warm water heating system works with gas.

For further development it is currently planned to create further living space in the attics.

The flats will be sold in 2016 to private investors.



The property is situated in of the borough Hamburg North Hamburg and borders with the popular districts of Barmbek and Dulsberg. Right outside the door is an about 50m wide, long park area. More green areas can be found on both sides of the Osterbek. The nearby Stadtpark offers the opportunity for many free time activities just like the Friedrichsberger Park in the Southwest of the property.

A great connection to public transport are, next to the bus lines 171 and M23, the S and U Bahn stations Friedrichsberg, Alter Teichweg and Straßburger Straße in about 600m distance. Hamburg inner city is ca. 15 minutes away.

Year of constrution: 1938
Net dwelling area: 40-50m² / flat
Additional useable area: balconies, basement
Type of heating: self-contained central heating
Energy source: Gas