Tresckowstraße 33 | Hamburg


This project consists of two classical stepped buildings from ca. 1880 found in the backyard of Tresckowstr. 33. The houses a + b have been reconstructed already in 2010 and the flats sold. Conversio acquired the houses c + d with 10 flats and a net area of 616m². Two of the flats were rented out throughout the project.

The houses c + d were structurally restored and a dry rot renovation was undertaken; all floors and ceilings were removed, the supporting structure revealed and reviewed by an expert. The current German standard of sound insulation are now being fulfilled (DIN 4109). The flats have been extensively modernized and fulfil todays expectations of comfort.

Restoration measures summed up:

1. Restoration and draining of the plinth walls

2. Exchange of all windows and doors as well as the letter box system

3. Installation of an intercom system

4. Fitting of a heat recycling system while incorporating the historic elements

5. Construction of balconies towards the yard for the first and second floor

6. Sealing or replacement of the ground floor including thermal insulation according to EnEv

7. Development of the attic into flats with roof top terraces (incl. partial reconstruction of the roof trusses and thermal insulation

8. Replacement of the heating (district heating) and the water supply system

9. Renovation of the bathrooms incl. sanitary elements and surfaces

10. Modernisation of the staircases incl. new stairs

11. Extensive sound insulation within all floors

12. Renewal of the electrical house connection and the electrical equipment within the flats

All flats were sold within a very short time frame.

Hamburg Eimsbüttel

Eimbüttel – middle-class but not prissy – that is how citizens describe their district. In the densely populated area of Hamburg life takes place with an historic atmosphere. Old Wilhelmine facades and backyards, flats with stucco and wooden floorboards as well as green oases in the form of parks are characteristic for Eimsbüttel. Especially young families and students live here filling the streets lined with cafes and bistros with a colourful mix. The district centre is the Osterstraße which is lined with beautiful houses and authentic shops and the Osterstraßenfestival takes place where in early summer. This residential area lies between Eppendorfer Weg and Bismarckstraße and offers schools, kindergardens and sports venues.

The Tresckowstraße has very good access to public transport. Buses and trains can be reached easily within a few minutes. The main station can be reached in 20 minutes by train, 10 minutes by car and the airport is seven kilometers away.